FAQ Vendors sometimes ask.


Why should I attend as a vendor?

NW Indiana Prepares 2020 will offer expert speakers, hands-on skill-building opportunities, and vendors with preparedness and sustainable living products and services.

At least two presentation areas will be scheduled simultaneously. One indoors and one outdoors under a very large shelter. This family-friendly event will be free to attend and open to the public.

Approved vendors will be provided with a 12 X 12 outdoor space adjacent to the outdoor shelter for only $20. Those providing a presentation, hands-on experience, or demonstration will receive a 50% discount on their vendor space! The ‘approval’ ensures that all vendors have targeted our preparedness audience and that there are no duplicated products.

All 12 X 12 spaces are outdoors. Vendors will provide their own table, chairs, and if you wish a pop-up shelter, to create your booth. A limited number of spaces have availability to electric for an additional $10.00.

Click here for the Vendor Application.

What is your expected attendance?

People frequently ask us when NW Indiana Prepares will be held again. There is much local interest. Estimated attendance at our NW Indiana Prepares event the first year was 200+ and the 2nd year it was well over 300 to maybe 400 preparedness-minded attendees. Upon request, a pdf of a past year’s schedule of events can be sent to you to give you an idea of the program we plan to duplicate.

How will you get people in the door?

We have very active and targeted social media accounts and a large mailing list, including the Live Free, USA membership list and their bi-monthly publication. We do local advertising including radio interviews and publishing event details in newspapers both in print and online. Admission for the public is FREE which we’ve found to increase and encourage attendance.

What experience do you have putting on shows?

While the NW Indiana Prepares Expo has not been held annually it is also not brand new. We’ve had two NW Indiana Prepares events in past years. The years in-between our time and efforts have been concentrated into the planning of our national organizations (Live Free, USA) annual ‘Camp Independence’ event. Camp Independence has been held for 45+ years! It will be held again this May at the Tippecanoe River State Park.  Details for that event are here: http://AmericanSurvivor.org